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Family Life Insurance

Life Insurance Is Permissible for Muslim-Americans

  • Islamic law specifically permits Takaful, where policyholders pool premiums together to support one another. This embodies the spirit of caring within Islam and is the only option for Muslims when available.
  • Because Takaful is not available in the United States, and likely will not be in the near future, leading Islamic scholars such as Mustafa Ahmad Al-Zarqa, Abdelwahab Khallaf, and Monzer Kahf (among others) do permit term life insurance so we can ensure care for those who matter most: our families.
  • These scholars emphasize that Islamically, we are permitted to ensure our family’s financial security with term life insurance due to al-dharura, the necessity, and al-hajja, the need, to protect one’s family.
  • To give Muslim-Americans a premium option to protect our families when we pass, Shariawiz has partnered with Fabric Life Insurance. The application takes 10 minutes, coverage is often instant and with over 1700 reviews and a 4.8 star rating from TrustPilot, you can rest well knowing your family is cared for should you leave them and that you are fulfilling your Islamic obligation to protect your family.
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