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I hear my dad say that he follows...

Maḏāhib (maḏhab singular) are Sharīʿa doctrinal schools. In the 7th century, Muslim juristic knowledge started as study circles (halaqas) in which a pious Muslim scholar - surrounded by people - would debate religious issues and teach interested students. Without an ecclesiastical hierarchy, there was no institutional...
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Can my spouse and I make a joint...

A joint will, also called a “mirror will,” “mutual will,” or “reciprocal will,” is a will that may be executed by a married couple to ensure that their property is disposed of identically at time of death.  In a standard...
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Does a non-Muslim relative inherit from a Muslim?

Not exactly. It’s a bit more complicated than a yes or no. According to Sharī‘a inheritance rules, a relative inherits automatically as part of the fixed default-distribution system. Under Sharī‘a, non-Muslim relatives, like your spouse or a child, are...
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If my wife passes away and I receive...

Strictly speaking, yes. The surviving spouse's share is required to pass to his or her Islamic heirs according to Islamic law. Islamic law does not permit a right of survivorship ownership. Owning a property together with the right of...
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I have two adopted children. Will they be...

According to Sharī‘a inheritance rules, a relative inherits automatically as part of the fixed default-distribution system. Under Sharī‘a, only biological children from a valid marriage are Islamic heirs entitled to inherit from the paternal line. Adopted children and stepchildren...
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What happens to my family if I don’t...

When a person dies without a will, he is said to have “died intestate.” In these circumstances, the American intestacy laws, or default inheritance laws, govern the distribution of your estate. These laws vary from state to state. Generally,...
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Does the Sharī‘a permit autopsies?

Autopsies are not encouraged in the Islamic tradition; autopsies delay burials, cause harm to the body, and remove body parts. However, there are exceptions in the Sharī‘a concerning autopsies. The Islamic principle of maslaha (public benefit) states that when...
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Does the Sharī‘a permit organ donation?

Yes, organ donation is permitted and encouraged by Muslim scholars. In fact, organ donation is legal in the majority of Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran, to name a few. In March 2019, the Fiqh Council of...
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What is a Last Will and Testament?

A Last Will and Testament ("Will") is a legal declaration that you, the testator, make. It tells the world who will get your assets and who will manage your estate and implement your wishes when you die. When you...
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Will I be able to review my will before I purchase?
Yes. After you complete your document, you will be able to review the entire document to make sure everything is correct, according to your wishes, and make any edits prior to purchasing.
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Shariawiz is an online portal that offers legal forms and information about Sharī‘a-compliant wills and Sharī‘a rules of inheritance, including a scholar-certified Islamic Inheritance Calculator.
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Our do-it-yourself software allows you to complete your Shari'a-compliant estate plan in as little as 15 minutes.
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